Happy Birthday to Mobaak!

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to drop in and say a bit..

First off, thanks so much to all who have supported Mobaak. I am humbled by the love we get every...single...day! When I say every...single...day... I mean it, I am putting work into Mobaak on the reg, like every day! This is because of you. I have been able to keep on keeping on because of your continued support. Every day I have orders to fill, people to respond to, & products to make. And you now what? I am loving every minute of it! 

Secondly, some of you may be wondering...whats going on here? hehe.. At Mobaak, I have kind of been flying by the seat of my trousers. With that being said, you may have noticed a few changes since Mobaak originated, just one year ago. Since then we have grown from being 'Mobaak- Diffuse on the go, A Jewelry Shoppe' to 'Mobaak Aromatherapy Collections.'

Allow me to elaborate...

Mobaak Aromatherapy Collections stared with an all natural artisan soap line, late last year.

Now, I began making soap (yes..the old fashioned way) about 4 years ago. It was something I did just for fun. This inspired me to make body oils, bath salt mixtures, & other goodies curated for others to spoil themselves a little. Yet, I had only made them for friends & family. Fast forward to the present, where these products have become the core of our 'BATH & BEAUTY' collection. 

We all forget to take a moment for ourselves. To pause. To remove ourselves from our crazy routine & just do a little something for 'us.' Does this resonate with you? Me too & it's something we need to fix! This is where Mobaak Aromatherapy Collections come in. My vision for the Mobaak brand is that you see it & you're reminded to take a moment for yourself, recollect & come back a little stronger. Light up some candles, draw a hot bath full of salts & minerals from around the world & RELAX!

If you are with me, visit my shop & go for it. Let's stop forgetting about ourselves for once & make time for US!

So a little more about how Mobaak got to where it is today..

Many people who enjoy Mobaak products keep asking for more. For me, this is like the fuel that feeds my fire. I am so grateful for these requests, as they keep me & my brand growing more than I could have ever imagined.

The most popular (& totally fun!) request has been for candles, so with that, Mobaak is introducing our small 'HOME' collection. Our line of candles has been created with intention. Who doesn't like little lovely reminders? Each candle is named after a positive character trait- a little reminder of who we are & what we want to continue to be. 

Mobaak's candles are crafted using 100% natural soy wax from soy beans grown right here in the US! Additionally, we have created a richly fragranced line of safe, clean burning candles for all to enjoy. By all, I mean MEN too. Check out our 'Humility' & 'Vigilant' candles fragranced with bay rum, tobacco & other bold profiles, perfect for him too.

Collectively, Mobaak has become so much more that it was just 1 year ago. Because of you, Mobaak has grown tremendously & continues to grow as the days roll on. Cheers to that! Y'all mean the world to me..

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