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Rose + Rose Facial Tonic

Rose + Rose Facial Tonic

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This toning tonic serves as one of the most critical parts of a skincare routine. Often overlooked, using a toner is critical because this step helps tighten & close the pores, and adjusts the pH of the skin. The natural and organic ingredients in this tonic hydrate the sensitive facial skin, preparing the skin for moisturizer. This floral tonic smells light of Roses as it is curated using organic rose floral water

Curated of 100% organic rose floral water & Moroccan Rose clay- hence the name Rose + Rose. 

Made with the simplest & most pure ingredients, our facial tonic is the perfect cocktail to refresh the face. Tone the skin during your skincare routine, or add a gorgeous glow & set your makeup. 

To use: Shake well. Spritz over face for a refreshing floral pick-me-up, Keep out of reach of children.