Balancing Facial Oil


Experience all natural facial hydration with our Mobaak Balancing Facial Oil. Curated using exotic, skin nourishing oils from around the world + a very light essential oil blend. Perfect for all skin types. 

• Argon Oil- Rich in Vitamin C, linoleic & omega fatty acids. Aids in reducing acne & healing of damaged facial skin

• Tamanu Oil- Penetrates all 3 layers of skin. Antibacterial. Regenerates skin. Reduces blemishes & inflammation. 

• Papaya Seed Oil- Contains papain, which aids in removing dead skin cells. Improves elasticity. Aids in reducing wrinkles & fine lines.  

To use: Apply 2- 3 drops of Balancing Facial oil to a clean face. Massage well into skin. Using a clean towel, dampen with warm water & lightly hold over face until it cools. This will allow the pores to open & oils so penetrate well into the facial skin. 

All of our products are always-preservative & thickening agent FREE. Non-toxic. Phthalate free. In reusable packaging. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not allow water to get into jar.

1 oz. glass bottle

Step 1. cleanse
Step 2. polish
Step 3. wash
Step 4. mask
Step 5. rinse + tone
Step 6. apply oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ashton Loudermilk
Facial oil

This facial oil feels great on my skin and I have enjoyed incorporating it into my skincare routine. The smell is very earthy and took a little time to get used to.

Amanda Martinez
Smooth skin

So happy with this face care line! Leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh. Make sure to set with a warm washcloth 😉

Great results! Not great smell

I love that my skin feels totally rejuvenated and not oily, not dry every day now. However, the smell of this is very “earthy”. I’m on the fence about ordering again. I mixed in some lavender essential oil to lighten the scent a bit.

Sharrel Bains
Facial oil

Love the product, and the facial mist. makes my skin looking fabulous


Absolutely loooove this oil!! I was so sad to see it’s sold out. The lady at the store said she wasn’t sure when there would be more, if there ever will be more so I came here to say I hope you all make more! Love it.