Private Label

Interested in making a private Label through Mobaak? 

We feel honored that you have chosen Mobaak as a partner for your brand. 

A few important details... 

1) For custom curation appointments- please set aside 2-3 hours for this appointment. We will collaboratively create your dream candle with a Private Candle Bar moment. The possibilities are endless & there will be a lot to cover. During this time we will narrow the possibilities down to an exact scent, vessel & any other deliverables you envision for this project.

2) Custom Private Label projects will have some up front costs to get started; the curation appointment fee & the private label print fee

3) Please note the final pricing per candle will not be determinable until after our curation appointment. Please allow 2 business days (max) for the final cost estimate. 
4) Please keep in mind this process will take 4-6 weeks once this application is submitted. 

To begin the Private Label Application process, please click the following link.