Lavender + Oatmeal • All Natural Soap


On the nose- lavender with subtle hints of tonka bean
gentle exfoliating oats inside each bar of soap.

Hand-poured & cured for an entire month, right here in this studio. Each recipe is unique & uses olive oil from Sciabica Olive Oil Co. in Modesto, CA.

Natural Bar Soap is a great chance to make an effort to eliminate toxins from the home, especially for those with sensitive skin. Ideal for body, but a great hand soap as well.

Please note- while these bars cure for a month to ensure a HARD solid bar, they aren't made with any preservatives. This means you need to ensure water isn't constantly streaming on them, as the bar will begin to break down & melt away. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Matthew Lopez
Spa day basket for my wife

I was a first time shopper and the staff helped me put together a spa basket for my wife for the holidays. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful. Will very going back soon!

Friend loves it!

I bought this for a friend who's favorite scent is lavender. She said it's her new favorite soap!

Softly scented and overall a nice soap

They are pretty to look at because of the additions to the soap (lavender petals) but I almost wish they weren’t there

Kelly Miller

A lovely scent and lathers beautifully! I love these soaps!

Exfoliates for days!

The oatmeal in this soap is serious! If you’re looking for a natural way to exfoliate, this is your soap. Just wash your skin holding the actual bar in your hand, and you are set. I imagine this would be great for washing extra dirty hands (paint, oil, etc…), but I haven’t tested that theory. This particular soap is barely scented, if at all. You may pick up on the lavender, but it is nice and subtle. Lavender + Oatmeal is a simple soap that does it’s job well.