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The Story of Mobaak..

As I began to have littles, I became more aware of natural alternatives & living more intentionally. Mobaak originated out of necessity. I began making all-natural products to use & share with others. It was important to me to eliminate unnecessary toxins from my home & the products I curated, did just that.

Fast forward to early 2017, while on a hiatus from the hospital, Mobaak came to be. What started as a small project had now turned into a small business. 

At the time, I had Soriya, 2 & Samira, who was a newborn. I needed to give this business a name & one word that felt perfect was Mobaak. Why Mobaak? Well, their father would always say “Soriya, I love you to the moon & back” & Soriya would respond “I love you Mobaak!” It was the cutest thing! 

Mobaak was launched in March of 2017 & introduced to the community at our local Farmer’s Market. We now have 2 locations including a retail shoppe & a production/logistics warehouse. Mobaak is woman owned and operated by an amazing team of people. Our products can be found in boutiques & retailers across the US. 

Our mission remains the same; to create all-natural, non-toxic lifestyle products for everyone to enjoy. We are committed to sourcing locally as much as possible, sustainably & ethically- always!

 -Heather, Founder 

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