Citronella + Eucalyptus Insect Repelling Tonic


Throw a frisbee, kick a ball and enjoy all things nature. No interruptions from pesky pests.

 On the nose- heavy citronella + touch of eucalyptus.

How to use:

Shake well before each use. Spray directly on the area of skin to be protected. Reapply as needed. For sensitive skin, apply a small amount of the products to test before full use.

Keep out of eyes and keep off broken or unhealthy skin. Adult supervision is recommended when using this product on children. Not safe for pets.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Giovanna Guajardo
Smells amazing

Wanted something natural to use for my evening walks and this spray not only smelled amazing it did the job. Mosquitos are horrible this time of the year and this was hands down better than other products I’ve used.

Megan Dill
Insect Repelling Tonic

This is a MUST HAVE item! I recently bought this item for a family camp trip in the mountains and it worked great. I have a tiny tot and wanted to make sure I was spraying him with clean products. There were so many nasty mosquitoes and he didn’t get one bug bite the whole weekend! And did I mention it smells amazing! I will absolutely purchase more in the future, such an amazing product

Kelly Miller
The best!

This is my most favorite bug spray ever! It really works and doesn’t leave your feeling sticky and yucky! Thank you for making such a great product!

Mosquitoes be gone!!

Works great!

Smells better than mosquito spray

I am a target for mosquitoes :( so once the heat and humidity increases I often feel like I have to live in mosquito spray or cover myself up. So I've been on the hunt for something that smelled better and used citronella. I haven't used this product extensively, but it's been working for when I need to wear it around the house or when I am out and about doing errands.