Palo Santo • All Natural Soap


Complex & deep. Intimate moonlit strolls with that special someone.

On the nose- earthy notes of patchouli, amber & sandalwood blend together and meet the softer aromas of citrus, lavender & jasmine.

gentle exfoliating poppy seeds inside each bar of soap.


Natural Soap is a great chance to make an effort to eliminate toxins from the home, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

Hand-poured & cured for an entire month, right here in this studio. Each recipe is unique & uses olive oil from olives grown in Oakdale, Ca pressed at Sciabica, right here in Modesto.

Please note- while these bars cure for a month to ensure a HARD solid bar, they aren't made with any preservatives. This means you need to ensure water isn't constantly streaming on them, as the bar will begin to break down & melt away. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly Miller

The only soap I’ll use! Love to wash all the bad juju away with Palo Sanyo! My most favorite!

Lindsey Moreno

My husband loves handmade soaps! This is one of his favorites!!

Cheryl Soares
Love this scent

My favorite scent that you carry. Please make more options in this scent….it’s amazing

Traveling RD
Palo Santo Soaps

The Palo Santo soaps have a wonderful aroma and lathers very nicely!!!!