Introducing MOBAAK!

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been heavy into a project called Mobaak. Through social media this business venture came about - by chance. See, here’s how this all began…

When our littlest was in the hospital, I found a fun little bracelet at Whole Foods. It was made of raw wood beads & gem stones. Coincidentally, I made this run to the store to purchase some Lavender essential oil for its calming properties to help my daughter & myself through the daily stresses of being in the hospital. For the rest of her stay, I slathered these raw wood beads with the lavender EO. I loved it! A little piece of joy to aid in sustaining some inner peace during these treacherous days.

Moving forward, I didn’t think much of this bracelet after discharge-honestly, because it wasn’t that pretty. I loved the concept, but it just wasn’t something I wanted to wear every day because it wasn’t really my style. But, I missed it.

The idea comes back around a few weeks later when I got to thinking about how I could help my oldest focus better in school. Frankincense & Vetiver came to mind. Now, if you know me- I try really hard to take the holistic approach as much as possible. This is where my love for essential oils stems from & I absolutely LOVE me some essential oils! And that’s when it came to me… He would totally wear a bracelet like the one I had in the hospital! So, I set out to the craft store for the supplies to make these bracelets for us. My son designed his, which he wears! Ironically, he prefers to diffuse Lavender EO over any other. Hey, whatever works, right!?

How did Mobaak come from all of this?

Well, one thing lead to another after sharing our bracelets on social media. Our friends & family were just as excited about them as we were. And rightfully so! They are fun & practical at the same time. And I was loving getting creative and coming up with fun, new designs. 

Why MOBAAK? What does MOBAAK mean?

So, my middle child has my heart melting daily with this word. Here is what Mobaak means to us…

I love you Soriya, to the moon & back!”   “ Daddy, love you MOBAAK too”

And so Mobaak was born. My heart is in Mobaak. All three of my children play their own special part as inspiration for this business. Beyond that, they are 3/4 of my WHY. And then there is my husband who supports me in all of my endeavors, regardless of its relativity to his interests. He hasn’t worn a bracelet in his life, but he wears Diffuselets™ every chance he gets!

Family means so much to me. This is how I got started with essential oils years ago. My family needed as much protection & natural remedies as we could find. Now we have the perfect way to stay protected & remedied on-the-go!


  • Michele De Vercelly

    Thank you for sharing your story on how MOBAAK began…
    I love the candles and looking forward to trying more products

  • Tina Hinton

    Wow, what a treasure I found ! I was meeting a friend for lunch in Modesto, had a few minutes to spare. My friend told me the Farmers Market was taking place, so I ventured over and cruised through, first stop was the candle booth Mobaak, checking
    the products available I realized the time and proceeded to explore some more booths, stopped in my tracks and went back to the Mobaak booth and picked up Tahitian vanilla soy candle and was back in time to meet my friend for lunch. I must admit I have purchased “soy” candles in the past and was disappointed. I must shout out that the Mobaak Soy Candle is the best I have ever come across! I definitely will purchase more and plan on trying the facial mask products.
    Thank you, Mobaak !!!

  • Emilio banuelos

    I love you mom

  • Michelle

    I just love this story! Mobaak has such a meaningful definition. ? Thanks for sharing!

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