Sea Salt + Cactus Flower Candle- 18 ounce


Embrace the 'good vibes only.' She's sweet yet clean and LUXURIOUS, creating a mindset of abundance while banishing negative energy. SS + CF is a must, as it's our top-selling scent in all things Mobaak. Expect sweet floral scents mingled with ocean mist and citrus peel.

Housed in a beautiful reusable glass jar & made using US-grown 100 % soy wax- supporting US Farmers. 


This 18 ounce candle is housed in a classic, reusable glass jar & burns for approximately 90 hours. It is made using domestically grown 100% soy wax- supporting US Farmers. We hand pour each candle, individually, using toxin free, CLEAN fragrances & cotton wicking.

* This is a Mobaak exclusive fragrance, a scent creation you won't find anywhere else. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
karyn patrick

Love the candle and smell but this last batch only 1 wick works sadly!!

My favorite

I have this candle in every room in my house. It is so clean and fresh with a hint of vanilla

Kelsie Coray

Sea Salt + Cactus Flower

I used to love this scent

I used to love this scent - I have bought it for everyone i loved just so I could smell it in their home when I visited. Ha ! But recently I purchase the large two wick size of this candle and I brought it home, burned it for several hours , and I can’t smell a thing . Not sure if it’s just a ratio problem since these are hand poured . But I do notice a Significant loss of fragrant oils from a year ago .

Hi there,
Sorry you're experiencing this. Nothing has changed in how we make our candles, nor the ratio's we use. Same recipe & same method since day 1. We would love the opportunity to inspect this candle to see what you may be experiencing & if there is something that may have gone wrong on our part, that we aren't aware of. Please contact us. Thank you!

Love this Candle scent

This is my everyday go to scent. I love it ! It is not too strong yet strong enough to make my house smell amazing. I just wish Mobaak would bring back the body polish. It’s the best polish I’ve ever used and now mine is all used up.